Understanding trademarks

18 Oct

My curiosity has served me well.  The action I choose this weekend is to go to a seminar and listen to presentations at the national trademark expo with the theme:

Protecting Your Trademark
Enhancing Your Rights through Federal Registration


It stimulated my thinking and I had a revelation on who we are as social beings.

 bourgeoisie as a class came about due to the important concept, trademarks.

Two contrasting views on who we are had led me to such a revelation.

On one side, it is the individualistic instinct in us; i.e., we need to be different and to stand out from others.
On the other side, it is the social instinct in us; i.e., we need each others approval.

Both instincts are necessary for us to compete. seeking for fairness in competition leads to the government involvement; thus, the patent & trademark office becomes necessary in civilization.


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