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Humility vs. Arrogance

2 Oct

Coming back from toastmasters meeting this morning, I was prepared to spare a little time to do some internal reflection. It turned out to be the time for my response to a recent discussion on “humility” via reading the blog by Liz Keogh, “Joy of Arrogance.” My immediate joy of reading this blog is my appreciation of the beauty in the natural language, i.e., the richness and the context sensitiveness.

I believe that “Arrogant” is a wrong word in that context, and I realized that being arrogant would be very expressive in venting out our feelings.

Here are my reasons to say so. In any dictionary, arrogance is described as showing an offensive sense of superiority.  We can be offensive without realizing being so because it is  universally true that everyone wants to be respected and nobody want to be reflected as being inferior. Trying to be nice to others purposely we want to avoid being arrogant toward others, especially those who are powerless in thinking. On the other hand, being arrogant is like using curse words, it helps us literally venting out an oppressed feeling.

Now, let’s look at the word, “Humility”, in my opinion, the opposite of being humble is not being arrogant but being extreme. It is a word describing a state-of-being when we are in an interpersonal communication.  Humility can keep us being moderate, not being extreme.
Referring the blog, “Joy of Arrogance”, I am adding my random thoughts as follows:
Doubt what you know” is another state-of-being, not to be faithful in what you know but being open-minded to be curious about what you don’t know. It is not to throw away what you know but to be ready to assimilate new and likely contradicted information into our belief system.
Find out what you know” is a state-of-being in which we want to go deeper in any interpersonal communication hoping to be persuasive to others who disagree with us, therefore, through reflection, to find out what we know.