Who are we?

18 Oct

I am back! I am a writer because I believe in sharing my thoughts with others.

My new idea in writing is called “who are we?” It is going to be an introspective series of essays stimulated by what I did during my leisure time, such as reading, doing things, and chatting with people.

In general, “who are we?” is my pondering about interesting aspects of things throughout our daily activities.

As a bystander, which is my living philosophy of being an observer, I would rather write about what I see than what I can do with respect of getting the best of a situation for myself.

In this introductory blog, l am going to examine my motivation first:

 “unexamined life is not worth living.”

This quote is the most quotable saying of Socrates’.   Does the saying make sense to you? It might be too soon to tell if you have just started your journey in your adulthood. I started to examine my life a great deal more lately; and I found out that the quality of my living has increased substantially. If I share the examination of my living with you, will it be helpful to improve the quality of your lives as well?

Let’s see 🙂


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