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Understanding trademarks

18 Oct

My curiosity has served me well.  The action I choose this weekend is to listen to the seminar at national trademark expo under the theme: 

Protecting Your Trademark
Enhancing Your Rights through Federal Registration

It stimulated my thinking deeply. I had a revelation on who we are as social beings.

That trademarks come to being gives the meaning to bourgeoisie as a class.

Two contrasting views on who we are had been leading me to such a revelation. 

On one side, it is the individualistic instinct in us; i.e., we need to be different and to stand out from others.
On the other side, it is the social instinct in us; i.e., we need each others approval.

Both are necessary for us to compete. Fairness in competition leads to government involvement; thus, the patent & trademark office becomes necessary in our civilization. 

Who are we?

18 Oct

I am back! I am a writer because I believe in sharing my thoughts with others. 

My new idea in writing is called “who are we?” It is going to be a series of essay based on what I did during my leisure time, such as reading, doing things, and chatting with others.

In general, “who are we?” is my pondering about whatever interesting while looking at our daily activities.

As a bystander, my living style or living philosophy, I would rather write about what I see than what I can do to take advantage of a situation that is interesting to me.

In this first and the introductory blog, l am going to examine my own subconscious motivation: 

 “unexamined life is not worth living.” 

It is a famous saying by Socrates, supposedly.   Is it true to you? It might be too soon to tell if you have just started your journey in your adulthood. I started to examine my life a great deal more lately; and I found out that the quality of my living have increased substantially. If I share my examination of living in general with you, will it help you to improve your quality of living as well? 

Let’s see 🙂