Humility vs. Arrogance

2 Oct

Coming back from toastmasters meeting this morning, I want to have a little time to do some internal reflection. Instead, it turns out to be my response to a recent discussion on “humility” via reading the blog by a participant in this topic, “Joy of Arrogance.” My immediate joy of reading the blog is  my appreciation of beauty in the natural language we use, i.e.,  its richness and its context sensitiveness.

“Arrogant” is a wrong word but being arrogant can be very expressive in venting out one’s feelings.

The reason for being a wrong word is the following. In any dictionary, arrogance is described as showing an offensive sense of superiority.  It is  universally true that nobody wants to be bullied by present of arrogance in others. However, showing arrogance is like using curse words, it helps literally venting out an oppressed feeling.

Back to topic of “Humility”, in my opinion, the opposite of humility is not being arrogant but being extreme. It is a word describing a state-of-being when we are encountering interpersonal communication. Therefore, I think that humility is about being moderation and not being extreme.
Referring the blog, “Joy of Arrogance”, I am adding my random thoughts as follows:
Doubt what you know” is another state-of-being, not to be faithful in what you know but being open-minded to be curious about what you don’t know. It is not to throw away what you know but to be ready to assimilate new and sometimes contradicted information into one’s belief system.
Find out what you know” is a state-of-being in which one wants to go deeper in such interpersonal communication in making one’s point to persuade.


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